About ITO EN

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47-10, Honmachi 3-chome, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-8550, Japan

Today the health benefits of green tea, a tea cherished by Japanese for generations, are drawing attention. Nature has provided us with the good taste and healthy properties of green tea. We at ITO EN have consistently proposed a healthy and rich lifestyle through natural beverages.
     We would like to deliver better tasting and health-conscious products by always considering "what customers are still now dissatisfied with."
     The product development concepts that guide us in realizing this desire are natural, healthy, safe, well-designed and delicious. ITO EN provides safe beverages that contribute to the maintenance of health without altering the taste of the nature-grown ingredients and in a form appropriate for that era. This intent is included in all ITO EN products.
     The current era is one of astonishing growth in science and technology. While realizing this influence, we at ITO EN also value our corporate stance as one that walks with nature.